PhD In Heresy

Sam Harris delivering like a comedian.


"It is not sufficient for a Man to be a passive friend & well wisher to the Cause,"  wrote George Washington to his brother in March 1776. Everyone "should be active in some department or other, without paying too much attention to private Interest."

We have little that binds us but our wish to live as people free of the religious dogma that drives the faithful to attempt and sometimes successfully enact legislation based on bronze and iron age texts.

We must put-aside our political policy differences, whatever they may be, and join together to fight against the tide of religious intolerance that is flooding the political landscape.

Please consider the possibility of achieving the following objectives:

• Solidarity and cooperation between the scattered and disjointed Atheist community groups and organizations

• Commitment to Aggressively court one-on-one discussions with the faithful, in a Civil manner; speaking with the faithful rather than speaking at them. When conversing, explain why the scientific method, reason and logic are necessary if we wish to develop an understanding our world, and our place in the world. Mention books they likely haven’t read.

• End our part in Internet flame-wars. They accomplish nothing positive and do much damage.

• Work towards a world-wide gathering on the Mall in Washington, D.C. in summer 2012 with events in all major cities around the world.  

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