PhD In Heresy
Earn your PhD In Heresy: Excerpts from Einstein's letter can be found at: Atheist Shirts: A personal letter from A. Einstein, written January 3rd, 1954, to philosopher Eric Gutkind was sold at auction for ₤170,000 to a private collector.

Einstein personal letter to E. Gutkind - “religion is..childish superstition” (by DoctorOfDisbelief)

Bill Maher: “the future does not belong to religion”

"Without God we are nothing": Dan Barker Vs Cardinal George Pell

David Fitzgerald, author of Nailed: Ten Christian Myths That Show Jesus Never Existed at All, presents his findings on the historicity of Jesus at Skepticon 3.

April 4, 2009 - Craig vs. Hitchens Debate from Biola University.

Christopher Hitchens: religion “the utter arrogance of absolute power”

Christopher Hitchens humiliates Christian re: “Christian humility” Logidea University Raison d’être:You may be wondering what you might do to make a difference as an individual? We believe that in making yourself publicly noticeable through non-aggressive signs of heresy, the faithful will approach you, and question you.These actions present an opportunity for you to explain why science, reason and logic are necessary to overcome superstition and myth.Whether you earn and display your own PhD In Heresy diploma, or wear heretical apparel, people will want to know why you are unafraid of god’s wrath. That is your opportunity to change the world, one person at a time.We want millions of walking-talking-atheist billboards on the street, available for discussion. The religious might talk ‘about’ billboards, but they will talk ‘to’ people.I try to avoid telling them what I think of their religion, and instead, ask them politely what topics they believe separate us beyond faith. Evolution, the universe, wherever they go, I ask about the most recent book on the topic they care to discuss.It is more effective if you don’t attempt to change their mind, nor refute their religious dogma. Often, they come to the realization that they had no idea the depth of knowledge we have accrued over the past few decades.Frequently, they take down information regarding recommended authors and books, and not infrequently, maintain contact.This changes lives, and therefor our culture. Take this action, or other action, but take action.Richard McCargar - Dean of the College of Heresy - Logidea UniversityThe Logidea University Store: Atheist & AntiTheist Apparel

The irony of a supposed choice between accepting Jesus as your savior , or spending an eternity in torment is summed up in a 12 second cartoon.